Thursday, July 14, 2011


Before my in-laws moved in last Saturday I was working on (and finished) a project one year in the making!

A pretty burgundy/red headboard!

First I went to Home Depot bought a piece of plywood and had them cut it to my specifications (The whole piece was about $9 and there was quite a bit left over for other projects!)

Then I covered the plywood with batting. I could have used more but I only had one bag (because I'd bought it a year prior without knowing what I was going to do!)

I stapled the batting to the back of the plywood using a staple gun (A girls best friend!)

I then (used a storage crate) laid out the fabric over the plywood and batting.

I then stapled the fabric to the back of the plywood and cut off the excess (for another project! Matching pillows!)

My husband was not completely thrilled when I told him I wanted to hang this huge piece of plywood above our bed AND that I had already made covered it and we couldn't just drill through it...SO we drilled part way and hung the nails in the wall, hoping that we would be able to fit them in the holes.

And MIRACULOUSLY, we did it! It was quite a chore...I would suggest putting nails in the board before hand or putting a lip on it.

I also did a little side project and took a picture frame that previously hung in our bathroom and removed the back and cut some vinyl out with the cricut to hang above our bed. Im not quite done decorating. I'd still like to frame our sealing certificate and take up some more wall space, but thats another day!


  1. Awesome!! So cute. I can't wait until we get into a house that I can decorate!!

  2. i really want to do this!! we still don't have a headboard of any kind and we've been married for 5 years haha

  3. I love this, it looks so good! I want one!