Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fabric Flower Wall Canvas

I have the hardest time decorating bathrooms! I'm one of those people that loves quotes. Ask my husband, they're all over. He'll tell you how much he LOVES quotes. But my dilemma (at least thats what my 16 year old brother in law would call it) was what to put on the wall in the bathroom. I really feel like a quote would not do. What would you say? Hope it comes out nicely? (Ok. I'll stop with the potty humor).

As I was preparing for my shopping trip to Joann's to get fabric for some pillows I am going to make I had an epiphany!!

Those big flowers I'm planning to sew on my pillow would look great on a canvas, in my bathroom (without any words!) Hallelujah! (I had to look up how to spell that.

So I bought some extra quilt squares and canvas to work on my wall art.

First I painted my 16x16 canvas black.

Then I started on the flower. I cut the quilt squares into strips about 1.5-2 inches wide. I then cut out a circle the size I wanted the flower to be using scrap fabric so I'd have something to sew the fabric strips to.

I then folded a fabric strip lengthwise in half and pinned it down to the scrap fabric circle. I folded/pinched the fabric then stuck a pin in it to make it stay and continued that until I had my circle strip.

After that circle was finished I hand stitched it to the fabric circle then started my next layer and repeated that until the circle was full, making sure to get the stitches where the folds were so they didn't come apart.

I then hot glued a shiny button in the middle. (you could sew it but Im all about the hot glue..nice and messy. yes!) The again used my hot glue to secure the flower to my canvas and

Its complete!

I'll work on taking more pictures during the process..I just get caught up! :)

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  1. now hang it over the toilet and say "bullseye!" in vinyl on the wall. heh heh heh... you symbolically put words in your bathroom :P i love it!

    growing up, we had a framed picture of a drawing of a toilet and it said "we aim to please, you aim, too, please." LOVED it! :)